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6eo3784 SOLD

14K yellow gold cluster ring containing double halo of 28 round brilliant-cut diamonds = .80ctw surrounding a 1.57cts oval mixed-cut blue sapphire, finger size 7.5 - SOLD

Sold 12/19

6eo4088 SOLD

Lds 18K white gold ring w/center oval mixed-cut 3.70ct tanzanite and 62 diamonds=.82ctw, finger size 7 - SOLD

Sold 7/20


18KY custom-cast ring by BOOM ART, Inc. containing one center oval 5.54 carats mixed-cut green tourmaline, VVS in clarity, medium: very, very slightly yellowish green in color, and of excellent proportions flanked with four baguette diamonds on each side, 8=.70ctw, well-matched in quality as VVS-2 in clarity, G-H in color, and of good proportions. All of the gemstones were weighed prior to setting. Finger size 5.5 weighing 6.2 grams with the diamonds intact.



ladies 18K white gold ring w/center oval mixed-cut 1.63ct "E" blue sapphire (1/2 channel set) w/28round brilliant-cut =.24ct total weight diamonds VS G prong set in 2 rows, 14 on each shoulder size 7.75 weighing 3.6grams stamped: 18K BS 1.63 EI


6eo3018 SOLD

18K yellow gold Ring with a 3.25ct chrome-green Tourmaline surrounded by 15 round brilliant-cut = .60ctw Diamonds. Finger size 5.5 - SOLD

Sold 3/20


10K white gold containing .921ct oval mixed-cut "AA" blue sapphire measuring 7x5mm 4-prong set framed by 12 round brilliant-cut diamonds measuring approximately 2mm diameter=.03ct each x12=.24ct SI2-I1 H average proportions set atop a bow-shaped ring top set w/10 straight and tapered baguette-cut diamonds 2.25x1.25=.03ct each x10=.30cts SI2-I1 H average proportions. The ring sides consist of 3 vertical rows of round brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 38 ranging from 1.3 to 1.8mm diameters outer rows and 2.4mm diameter in center row 38=.96cts SI1-I2 G-H average proportions60=1.50ct total weight diamonds size 5.5 weighing 9.4grams stamped: mtm 10K



18K yellow gold tourmaline and diamond ring, med-lt sl bG oval tourmaline measuring 9.18x6.99x4.45mm=1.75ct and 2 trillion-cut diamonds 4.75x5.00mm extr. Thick girdles 2=.50ct total diamonds VS1 H good proportions size 6.75 weighing 6.38grams and euro shank and trellis-style prongs stamped:18K


6eo3554 SOLD

18K yellow gold ring with a .31ct oval mixed-cut emerald flanked by 2 round brilliant-cut diamonds =.20ctw, finger size 6.5 - SOLD

Sold 5/20


14KY PRISM-LITE ring w/4 sq dark bl sapphires (heat treated) = approx. .40 ct.+16 rd br diamonds channel-set = .41 ct. SI-2 clarity H-I color good proportions finger size 7 6.5 grams



14K yellow gold ,brownish "cinnamon" pink zircon and 6 princess-cut diamond ring size 7.5. Zircon measuring 6.84-6.86x approximately 4.50mm=1.52ct and princess-cut diamonds range from 2.5x2.5 to 3.0, 6=.76ct total weight diamonds I1 H-I average weighing 6.06grams stamped: 14K



18k white gold quartz dome ring with one cabochon rose quartz, totaling 4.38 carats (scratches on rose quartz). In addition, there are thirty-two 6 prong set round brilliant cut diamonds with G color, VS2 clarity, with a total weight of .20 carat. The total gem weight is 4.58 carats. Size 6.5, Stamped: 18K EI


6eo3968 SOLD

13K yellow gold Ring with a .39 carat light-pink heat-treated oval mixed-cut Ruby, 5 marquise-cut, 4 round brilliant-cut and 14 tapered and straight baguette-cut Diamonds = .75 carat total weight Diamonds, finger size 7.25 - SOLD

Sold 8/20


ladies 14K two-tone 6mm trilliant-cut tanzanite and 6round brilliant-cut=.15ct total weight diamonds SI1 G-H very good proportions channel set in freeform ring size 8.5 weighing 8.0grams stamped: HL 14K



14K yellow gold three oval mixed-cut heat-treated rubies and 4 round brilliant-cut diamonds ring. Rubies measuring 2.98x4.00x1.69mm=.17ct, 2.86x4.00x1.83mm=.15ct and 2.91x4.00x1.58mm=.15ct 3=.47ct total weight rubies as marked in cartouche. Diamonds measuring 1.5mm diameter 4=.06ct total weight diamonds I1 H average proportions stamped: 14K A weighing 2.3grams size 7


6eo3929 SOLD

18K yellow gold ring with a 1.23ct marquise-cut tanzanite and 2 marquise-cut diamonds = .31ctw, finger size 5.5 - SOLD

Sold 11/19


one oval mixed-cut sapphire measuring 6.82x5.64x4.47mm and weighing 1.40ct medium dark blue in color, naturally included in clarity "heat treated" 4-prong set in yellow gold ring size 8 4.6 grams stamped: 14K S h



.93ct oval mixed-cut ruby heat-treated measuring 7.23 x 5.28 x 2.90mm 4-prong set in yellow gold ring accented with 4 round brilliant-cut=.08ct I2 I-K average proportions 2 set on each side of ruby and 2=.10ct tapered baguette-cut diamonds set into each shoulderSI1 H fair proportions 6=.18ct total weight diamonds size 6.5, 2.96 grams stamped: CID 14K



yellow gold blue sapphire and diamond ring consisting of 1 dk vB oval mixed-cut sapphire measuring 5.99x4.76x2.88mm .63ct 4-prong in yellow gold bypass styled ring accented by 6 round brilliant-cut graduating in size from 1.8 to 1.5mm (.025 to .015cts) 6=.12ct total weight diamonds SI1 H average proportions channel set and rhodium-plated, 3 diamonds on each side of sapphire. Size 4.5 weighing 4.44grams stamped: 14K SOS



platinum and ruby eternity band size 6.5 containing 40-1.5 to 1.6mm round cut heat-treated =.03ct each 40=1.25ct total weight rubies precision set in 3mm band weighing 4.7grams



14K yellow gold ring with a .76ct pear-cut tanzanite and 3 round brilliant-cut diamonds=.05ctw VS H very good proportions, finger size 6.25 (never worn) stamped: HL 14



ladies 12K (tests EE) yellow gold puzzle ring w/oval cabochon turquoise size 6.5 1999 instructions included



ladies 14K yellow gold V-shape ring set with marquise-cut emerald measuring 7.00x3.50x1.95mm oiled =.21ct and 10 round brilliant-cut diamonds=.30ct total weight SI1 H-J average proportions size 8.25 weighing 5.26grams stamped: 14KP


6eo2690 SOLD

6.57ct oval mixed-cut irradiated "London Blue" topaz bezel set in 14K two-tone ring with rope design shoulders, finger size 5.5 - SOLD

Sold 12/19


oval mixed-cut synthetic blue sapphire approximately 14.00 x 12.00 x 5.36mm = 6.39ct prong set surrounded by 20 single-cut 1.7mm round=.40ct total weight diamonds SI1-I1 G average to poor proportions white gold ring size 7.5, 7.22grams stamped: 14K



yellow gold sapphire and diamond ring w/6x3mm marquise-cut blue sapphire=.33ct 6-prong set w/16round brilliant-cut=.29ct diamonds and 6 baguette-cut=.20ct diamonds 22=.49ct total weight SI2-I1 I-J and good proportions prong set size 5 weighing 5.54grams



18K yellow gold Ring with a 1.26 carats cushion-cut Tanzanite and 6 round brilliant-cut Diamonds = .15ctw, finger size 6.5



yellow gold textured 14.5mm wide tapered band ring w/horizontal set bezel containing approximately 10.0x8.0x5.7mm checkerboard mixed-cut abraded amethyst weighing 2.54ct and 2 round brilliant-cut=.08ct total weight diamonds VS1 H good proportions prong set on each shoulder size approximately 5.75 stamped: 14KP MB "AS IS"



18K yellow gold and amethyst ring containing one round med purple checkerboard-cut amethyst (small nick on girdle) measuring 10.0x10.0x4.81mm =2.25ct semi-bezel set in tapering mounting 6.45nn wide tapers to 2.60mm size 7.25 weighing 6.67grams stamped: 750 18K 1360 VI



Ladies 14K white gold and aquamarine filigree ring containing 2 epaulet-cut aquamarines measuring 7.50x6.25x4.16mm=1.17ct & 7.25x6.25x3.61mm=.98ct; 2=2.15ct total weight size 5.5 and weighing 3.04grams stamped: 14K


6eo4091 SOLD

14K yellow gold bypass style ring with a .67ct oval mixed-cut oiled emerald and 20 round brilliant-cut diamonds=.40ctw, 12 straight and tapered baguettes=.12ctw, all 32 diamonds=.52ctw, finger size 7 - SOLD

Sold 5/20

6eo4031 SOLD

10K yellow gold ring, finger size 5.75 containing a .51ct triangle-cut tanzanite and 5 round brilliant-cut diamonds=.15ctw - SOLD

Sold 11/19


.32ct oval mixed-cut ruby 1/2 channel set in white gold ring size 6.5 weighing 3.4grams stamped: 14K HL



ladies 14K rose gold ring containing center 6x4mm oval and 2-3mm round "Blueberry Sapphire" TM (heat treated) prong set w/46 round=1/8ct diamonds (22 halo in center and 12 in each shoulder) size 5.75 weighing 3.2grams stamped:14K Le Vian


6eo4311 SOLD

16x12mm oval cabochon Cantera opal from Mexico prong set in freeform ring mounting size 8.75 - SOLD

Sold 9/20

6eo1505 SOLD

18K yellow gold ring with a .22ct round mixed-cut ruby and 2 round brilliant-cut=.13ctw diamonds, flush set "slight wave", finger size 7.5 - SOLD

Sold 1/20


14K yellow gold black freeform onyx and diamond ring by HL containing 2round brilliant-cut=.06ct total weight SI1 H very good proportions size 7 weighing 4.3gram stamped: 14K HL


6eo4319 SOLD

14K white gold Ring with a 1.46 carats round Aquamarine and 38 round brilliant-cut Diamonds in halo and shoulders = .25 carat total weight, finger size 8 - SOLD

Sold 9/20


14K yellow gold ring containing oval slight abrasion natural peridot 4-prong set w/2 round brilliant-cut=.06ct total weight diamonds SI1 G 4-prong set open shoulders size 10 weighing 2.9grams stamped:14K


6eo1736 SOLD

floral frame with 8x6mm oval very fine opal yellow gold ring size 6, stamped: 14K and trademark (Wefferling Berry) 6.51grams - SOLD

Sold 11/19

6eo3674 SOLD

14K yellow gold ring with a 3.45cts amethyst embossed with a 24K yellow gold flower and surrounded by 14 single-cut diamonds =.34ctw and 4 marquise-cut diamonds=.32ctw, finger size 9 - SOLD

Sold 12/19


yellow gold Stuller #70110 ring containing irradiated oval mixed-cut blue topaz measuring 8.01x6.06x4.30mm w/2round brilliant-cut diamonds=.03ct total weight diamonds size 8.5 weighing 3.1grams stamped: 14K


6eo3673 SOLD

sterling silver ring with 7 oval emeralds = .77ctw, finger size 8.25 - SOLD

Sold 12/19


10K yellow gold and garnet ring with filigree frame containing antique cushion shape garnet =14.7cts measuring approximately 17.5x13.5x7.34mm AS IS size 6.5 weighing 7.9grams



14K white gold filigree ring w/oval mixed-cut garnet measuring 10.00x8.06x4.60mm =2.50ct milgrain detail & engraving along knife-edge shank& gallery size 6.5 weighing 2.9grams stamped: 14K



yellow gold ring containing 5.88x4.02x1.54mm oval opal cabochon=.20ct surrounded by 10 round brilliant-cut diamond melee=.10ct I2-I3 H-J fair proportions all prong set weighing 2.36grams size 6 stamped: CID 14K



14K white gold oval garnet and diamond ring containing approximately 8x6x3mm garnet=.97ct and 12round brilliant-cut=.09ct total weight diamonds De'classe' H-I average proportions set around garnet size 6.5 weighing 3.06grams stamped: 14K 585 SIZING EXTRA



14K yellow gold marquise-cut peridot and diamond ring containing .50ct peridot measuring 8.00x4.00x2.78mm and 6round brilliant-cut=.13ct total weight diamonds I2 H average proportions size 6.5 and weighing 2.3grams stamped: 14K


6eo2580 SOLD

oval black onyx bezel set in roped edge frame yellow gold ring by Wefferling Berry size 6, stamped:14K W 5.8 grams - SOLD

Sold 11/19


6x4x2.6mm=.50ct tanzanite set horizontally in white gold ring w/ribbed shoulders size 5 Stuller style# 76606 weighing 3.24grams stamped:14K S






9 x 7 oval cabochon opal 4-prong set surrounded by 12 round mixed-cut lavender tanzanites (2.5mm each) prong set in split shoulders yellow gold ring, size 7, stamped: 79TZ 14K N



6eo3679 SOLD

14K white gold ring w/hinged shank consisting of a 1.81cts rectangular garnet and 14 round brilliant-cut diamonds = .25ctw, finger size 5.25 - SOLD

Sold 5/20


10x5mm marquise-cut peridot (abraded) set w/2round brilliant-cut=.03ct total weight I1 H-I good proportions in yellow gold ring weighing 1.7grams size 6.5 stamped: 14K JTC 969 AS IS



10K rose gold ring containing 8x6mm oval mixed-cut garnet (abraded) 4-prong set w/60 single-cut diamonds=.25ct declasse' size 9 weighing 3.6grams stamped:10K TJ


6eo4137 SOLD

10K white gold ring with a 1.75ct checkerboard-cut round amethyst and 10 round brilliant-cut diamonds, finger size 6.5 - SOLD

Sold 5/20

6eo3108 SOLD

10K ring with oval synthetic opal cabochon-cut, 30 single-cut diamonds and 3 single-cut diamonds set in each shoulder - SOLD

Sold 5/20


white gold ring set w/4x6mm oval blue synthetic star sapphire and 2 single-cut=.02ct total weight diamonds size 4.75 stamped: 10K HM


6eo3739 SOLD

Gilbert Smith inlay treated turquoise sterling silver ring size 12 stamped: STERLING S - SOLD

Sold 7/20

6eo3898 SOLD

10K yellow gold ring with a 11.25ct modified antique cushion-cut citrine w/decorative under bridge work, finger size 6.25 - SOLD

Sold 12/19

6eo4050 SOLD

10K yellow gold Ring with a .25 carat heated-treated oval Blue Sapphire and four single-cut Diamonds, finger size 6 - SOLD

Sold 1/20

6eo4143 SOLD

10K yellow gold ring containing a .26ct marquise-cut aquamarine and 2 single-cut=.015ctw diamonds, finger size 7.5 - SOLD

Sold 7/20

6eo4144 SOLD

10K yellow gold Ring with 3 Fire Opals = .74ctw and 38 single-cut Diamonds = .20 carat total weight, finger size 7. - SOLD

Sold 7/20


14K white gold iolite and diamond ring size 7 containing 5 oval mixed-cut iolites approximately 4.00x3.00x2.30mm each =.15ct; 5=.75ct total weight iolites and 8 single-cut diamonds measuring 1.1-1.2mm diameter, 8=.06ct total weight diamonds I2 L-M average proportions weighing 2.30grams stamped: 14K INDIA


6eo3812 SOLD

14K yellow gold ring w/granulation and antiquing and a .35ct round blue zircon, finger size 6.75 - SOLD

Sold 11/19


14K white gold synthetic ruby and CZ's ring size 6 weighing 2.05grams stamped:CZ 14K DQ



14K white gold blue garnet and glass doublet ring containing 9x7mm oval blue garnet and glass doublet prong set in filigree ring mounting size 7 weighing 1.51grams AS IS



14K yellow gold and synthetic spinel green ring size 6.5 weighing 3.38grams. Synthetic measuring 14x10mm scissor-cut set 4-prongs stamped: 14K



14K white gold oval mixed-cut amethyst and diamond ring containing approximate 8.00x6.00x3.90mm oval mixed-cut amethyst 1.00ct as marked and 6 single-cut diamond melee measuring 1.2mm diameter 6sc=.04ct total weight I1-I2 H average proportions stamped: 14K 585 1.00 D 0.04 size 6.25 weighing 2.28grams



10K yellow gold trio of emerald-cut rhodolite garnets and diamond ring containing : 6.00x4.00x2.67mm=.62ct, 5.00x3.00x2.03mm=.29ct and 5.00x3.00x2.17mm=.31ct 3=1.22ct total weight garnets 4-prong set w/4single-cut diamond melee=.02ct total weight De'classe' G-H fair proportions w/shared prongs size 8.25 weighing 1.55grams stamped: 10K CHINA



10K yellow gold and apatite ring containing 8.00x8.06xapproximately 4.60mm round mixed-cut apatite fracture filling=1.70ct med bG apatite 6-prong set size 8.25 weighing 2.23grams stamped: INDIA 10K



sterling silver ring w/5 oval tanzanites framed by 2 rows of CZ's. tanzanites measuring 5.00x4.00mm range from .25-.32ct each 5=1.33ct total weight lt VB and 22 round CZ's 1.5mm diameter, 11 per row size7.75 weighing 3.84grams stamped: 925



Zuni "Rainbow Man" ring weighing 10.83 grams size 7.5 inlaid w/mother-of-pearl, spiny oyster, stabilized turquoise, coral and onyx signed: J Lany Zuni



10K yellow gold lab-created orange and colorless sapphire bypass-style ring size 7. containing 7.00x5.00x3.90mm mixed-cut syn orange sapphire=1.09ct and 6 syn colorless round cut sapphires ranging from 1.2-1.5mm 6=.16cts 7=1.25ct total weight syn sapphires stamped: 10K weighing 2.73grams


6eo3591 SOLD

2 turquoise and 1 coral set in sterling silver ring size 11.5 weighing 23.6 grams stamped: Sterling SF - SOLD

Sold 2/20


silver and stabilized turquoise ring size 11.5 weighing 22.8grams w/23x11 oval nugget applied feathers and twisted wire decoration w/heavy shank



5-vertical row multi stone sterling silver ring: 3 citrines, 4 iolites, 5 peridots, 4 lt. amethysts and 3 garnets all oval 3x5mm each 4-prong set weighing 6.2grams size 6.5 stamped: 925



eagle w/round turquoise set on top of "shield" shape ring size 12.75 weighing 19.6grams from Franklin Mint stamped: FM 925 STERLING


6eo4078 SOLD

sterling silver filigree ring, with a 1.52ct oval mixed-cut peridot measuring 8.5x6.5x4.4mm set horizontal, finger size 6 - SOLD

Sold 8/20


10K yellow gold glass-filled ruby and diamond ring containing 2 5.0x2.5mm marquise-cut rubies=.19ct each and center 6.0x3.0mm marquise-cut=.35ct 3=.73ct total weight rubies and 4round brilliant-cut=.04ct total weight diamonds I2 G-H good proportions size 8.25 weighing 2.4grams stamped: 10K CHINA


6eo4176 SOLD

carnelian set in sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Ann King fleur de lis sides, finger size 8 - SOLD

Sold 8/20


sterling silver ring w/lab created blue sapphires and CZ's (cubic zirconia) size 7 weighing 4.1grams stamped:925 RL TH



silver and stabilized turquoise "Rainbow Man" ring size 7 inscribed: (looks like cB) and stick man) weighing 15.45 grams



6eo2191 SOLD

treated turquoise and red coral and silver ring, size 10.25 - SOLD

Sold 11/19


6eo3973 SOLD

silver and sardonyx ring, finger size 6.75, cushion-shape tablet = 6.89cts concave bezel mounting w/ridges on shank - SOLD

Sold 5/20


silver and stabilized turquoise Kachina ring sz 8.25 weighing 16.05 grams sawtooth bezels on freeform nuggets and round eyes stamped: SH



silver ring w/oval turquoise free form tablet set in sawtooth bezel with applied and stamped: leaf or feather and granules size 10 weighing 15.86grams unmarked SZ EXTRA



JUDITH RIPKA sterling silver ring containing simulated pearl shaped heart and 6 CZ's size 7 weighing 13.4grams stamped: JUDITH RIPKA 925 CZ THAILAND



silver ring w/green turquoise oval freeform and brown matrix set in sawtooth bezel accented by twisted and stamped frame with applied feather weighing 11.76grams size 6.5 unmarked assay or maker SIZING EXTRA



sterling silver spider ring containing treated turquoise size 7 weighing 10.9grams



wide vermeil band w/roman numerals and CZ's size 7 weighing 9.4grams stamped: CC C 925



sterling silver and oval-cut abalone shell ring. Abalone measuring 22x16mm slightly domed w/decorative stamped bezel frame size 5.25 weighing 11grams stamped: 925 LUC



silver, coral and turquoise ring decorative bezels and applied leaf form "GMA 8 1/2" incised on back weighing 8.7grams size 8.5 10mm oR coral cabochon and 15mm treated turquoise cabochon



sterling silver w/round operculum shell of snail bezel set ring size 7 weighing 10.7grams SIZING EXTRA



silver navette-shape ring with silver and turquoise inlayed into onyx stone, bezel-set with twisted wireframe signed on underside Robert Lasiloo Zuni weighing 10.25grams size 6 WORN AS IS



silver and stabilized turquoise ring size 6.5 set w/20x15mm freeform turquoise bezel set w/twisted wire and stamped frame and shank weighing 9.51grams



sterling silver ring w/treated turquoise and coral set in leaves and flower ring mounting size 9 stamped: STERLING



sterling silver and malachite ring approximately 24x8mm elongated oval cabochon set in sawtooth bezel and applied granules and leaf forms size 6.5 weighing 7.69grams stamped: STERLING B inside tri split shank



silver and triangular freeform treated turquoise cabochon ring w/applied feather and twisted wire, scalloped-edge frame accented w/oxidized background size 6.5 weighing 7.27grams unmarked



sterling silver w/2 treated turquoise ring size 4.5 SIZING EXTRA



silver and red coral ring w/applied leaf and berry forms and oxidized background w/split shank, unmarked weighing 6.62grams size 4.5 SIZING EXTRA



silver and coral ring w/9 oval 7x5mm red coral cabochons set in rectangular cluster in sawtooth bezels and twisted wire split shank size 6 weighing 6.4grams



sterling silver and inlaid mother-of-pearl butterfly ring size 7 stamped: 925 THAILAND ND on back of wing weighs 5.76grams



silver and oval turquoise free form cabochon ring with fancy applied feather and wire decoration size 6 weighing 5.57grams stamped: S on underside


6eo4198 SOLD

sterling silver bypass style feather ring containing 3mm round treated turquoise size 7.5 - SOLD

Sold 9/20


sterling silver elongated lozenge-shape ring with turquoise chip inlay weighing 4.91grams size 5.75 stamped with makers mark and TAXCO MEXICO 925 on underside



silver and inlaid gem chips ring tooled oval w/Peyote bird motif split shank ring size 6.25 weighing 3.3grams stamped: NAKAI



Ladies sterling silver ring large oval with turquoise and coral size 6



sterling silver and treated turquoise ring containing 5mm round cabochon-cut treated turquoise set in saw-tooth bezel applied twisted wire & granules size 4.50 weighing 2.2grams stamped: STERLING


6eo4148 SOLD

sterling silver and turquoise chip inlay 4-part ring size 7 weighing 1.4grams - SOLD

Sold 8/20


silver split double shank and red coral ring set with 10x8mm red coral oval cabochon set in notched bezel size 5.5 weighing 1.9grams




Most rings can be sized up or down for an additional charge.





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