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3.25ct chrome green tourmaline (vivid chrome green) measuring 10.00 x 9.70 x 5.85mm prong set in center surrounded by 15 round brilliant-cut =.60ct total weight ranging from 2.2 to 2.4mm diameter =.04 -.05ct each, VS1 H very good proportions prong set, in cathedral yellow gold ring mounting size 5.5, 4.70 grams stamped: 18K


6eo3411 SOLD

18K yellow gold ring with 3 princess-cut=.45ctw diamonds and 2 square-cut emeralds=.27ctw, size 6.5 - SOLD

Sold 4/18


yellow gold emerald and diamond ring consisting of one oval mixed-cut med G emerald measuring 6.06x4.14x2.61mm=.31ct flanked by 2 round brilliant-cut diamonds approximately.10ct each I2 G good proportions, 2=.20ct total weight set in 4-prong trellis style mounting on 2.3mm shank size 6.5 weighing 3.55grams stamped: 18K GOC



18k white gold quartz dome ring with one cabochon rose quartz, totaling 4.38 carats (scratches on rose quartz). In addition, there are thirty-two 6 prong set round brilliant cut diamonds with G color, VS2 clarity, with a total weight of .20 carat. The total gem weight is 4.58 carats. Size 6.5, Stamped: 18K EI



one oval mixed-cut sapphire measuring 6.82x5.64x4.47mm and weighing 1.40ct medium dark blue in color, naturally included in clarity "heat treated" 4-prong set in yellow gold ring size 8 4.6 grams stamped: 14K S h



.93ct oval mixed-cut ruby heat-treated measuring 7.23 x 5.28 x 2.90mm 4-prong set in yellow gold ring accented with 4 round brilliant-cut=.08ct I2 I-K average proportions 2 set on each side of ruby and 2=.10ct tapered baguette-cut diamonds set into each shoulderSI1 H fair proportions 6=.18ct total weight diamonds size 6.5, 2.96 grams stamped: CID 14K



yellow gold blue sapphire and diamond ring consisting of 1 dk vB oval mixed-cut sapphire measuring 5.99x4.76x2.88mm .63ct 4-prong in yellow gold bypass styled ring accented by 6 round brilliant-cut graduating in size from 1.8 to 1.5mm (.025 to .015cts) 6=.12ct total weight diamonds SI1 H average proportions channel set and rhodium-plated, 3 diamonds on each side of sapphire. Size 4.5 weighing 4.44grams stamped: 14K SOS



.47ct emerald-cut pink tourmaline measuring 6.00x4.00x2.57mm eye clean 4-prong set and framed by 2 concentric halos of round brilliant-cut diamonds and set along the split shank open shoulders. The diamonds range from 1.0 to 1.1mm =.005-.0065cts each88=.52ct total weight diamonds I2-I3 G fair proportions yellow gold ring size 10 stippled : 14K UTC CHINA inside of shank weighing 3.45grams



white gold morganite and diamond ring consisting of 9.09x7.11x4.63mm oval mixed-cut morganite =1.43cts 4-prong set horizontal in wide tapered band w/50round brilliant-cut diamonds=1.92ct total weight prong set in band I1-I2 I-J average proportions size 7 weighing 6.87grams stamped: 14K GC



Ladies' 18k white gold sapphire ring, with one oval blue sapphire, measuring 5 mm wide, 7 mm long,. Sapphire is set in a 14k white gold 4 prong head. In addition, there are thirty-three 4-prong set round brilliant cut diamonds, H-I color, SI clarity, with a total weight of .165ct (7 in each shoulder & 19 around sapphire). Size 6 weighing 3 grams. Stamped:18K MQ



2.50 x 2.50 x 1.86mm princess-cut pink sapphire =.11ct flush set surrounded by 55 round brilliant-cut diamonds=.36ct total weight VS1-VS2 H good proportions prong set around sapphire and set in split shoulders 18K white gold ring size 8, 5.85 grams



4.39ct oval antique-cushion cut very dark blue (color enhanced) sapphire (9.88 x 9.05 x 5.23mm 4-prong set) surrounded by 12 round brilliant-cut=.30ct total weight diamonds I1-Imperfect G-H average proportions 3-prong set cluster style yellow gold ring size 6-1/4, stamped: 585 14K 4.13g



oval .35ct tanzanite (slightly abraded) and 2 round brilliant-cut=.18ct total weight diamonds VS G 18K yellow gold ring size 5.5 weighing 3.08grams (Charles Green style# 34C12) stamped:CG & S 750



6.57ct oval mixed-cut irradiated "London Blue" topaz (measures approximately 4.0 x 10.0 x 7.4mm) bezel set in two-tone ring with rope design shoulders rhodium-plated shank, size 5.5, 13.2grams stamped: unidentified trademark (tested 14K PA GEM LAB)



.55ct oval mixed-cut ruby 1/2 bezel set horizontally in ribbed ring marked: 18K EI 5 size 6.5, 18k two-tone


6eo3378 SOLD

14K yellow gold Ring with 4 round brilliant-cut=.16ct total weight diamonds and 5 round mixed-cut=.25ct total weight rubies  - SOLD

Sold 3/18


oval mixed-cut synthetic blue sapphire approximately 14.00 x 12.00 x 5.36mm = 6.39ct prong set surrounded by 20 single-cut 1.7mm round=.40ct total weight diamonds SI1-I1 G average to poor proportions white gold ring size 7.5, 7.22grams stamped: 14K


6eo3293 SOLD

14K yellow gold ring with 5 marquise-cut rubies=.45ctw and 4 marquise-cut diamonds=.32ctw set on the diagonal, size 9 - SOLD

Sold 4/18


.32ct oval mixed-cut ruby 1/2 channel set in white gold ring size 6.5 weighing 3.4grams stamped: 14K HL



yellow gold opal and diamond ring consisting of one elongated oval opal (grey crystal w/ B&G play-of-color) cabochon bezel set flanked by 6 round brilliant-cut diamonds, approximately .02ct each 6=.12ct total weight diamonds. Opal measures 12x5mm size 6 weighing 3027grams stamped: KABANA 14K



yellow gold diamond and emerald ring weighing 2.8grams size 7.25 containing 2round brilliant-cut=.20ct total weight diamonds and 2mixed-cut=.24ct total weight emeralds (one damaged) set in prongs "diamond shape" ring stamped: 14K A AS IS


6eo2986 SOLD

14K Ring with .16ct round brilliant-cut diamond surrounded by 8 blue sapphires - SOLD

Sold 1/18


pink sapphires (heat-treated) and diamonds white gold bypass-style ring w/2 pink sapphires measuring 2.75mm each=.11ct ea x2=.22ct total weight pink sapphires 6-prong under cluster of 6 measuring 2.0mm prong set above, .04ct each x12=.48ct 14=.70ct total weight pink sapphires with 36round brilliant-cut=.36ct total weight diamonds I1-I2 G-H average proportions prong set across top half of ring size 7.75 weighing 4.85grams stamped: U 36 70 and 14K



floral frame with 8x6mm oval very fine opal yellow gold ring size 6, stamped: 14K and trademark (Wefferling Berry) 6.51grams


6eo3371 SOLD

14K white gold Ring w/rectangular cushion-cut swiss blue topaz = 3.60ct framed by 22 round brilliant-cut melee plus 6 round brilliant-cut melee on gallery on 2 sides; accenting the twisted split shank are 18round brilliant-cut melee. 46=.33ct total weight diamonds size 7.25. - SOLD

Sold 5/18

6eo1459 SOLD

14K two-tone ring with an oval amethyst and 12 round brilliant-cut=.18ct total weight diamonds - SOLD

Sold 4/18


yellow gold amethyst and cultured pearl and enamel "taille d'epargne" vintage ring with milgrain detail and ruffled edge size 5. the amethyst measures 9mm diameter x6.22mm round-cut =2.34ct, and 14cultured pearls measuring 2.23-2.25mm (one damaged nacu) weighing 4.57grams stamped: BB 10K



14K white gold garnet and pink diamond ring containing 8.00x6.00x3.98mm oval mixed-cut garnet=1.28ct 4-prong set w/2round brilliant-cut=.05ct total weight diamonds I1 lt pink good proportions 3-prong set one on each side of garnet size 6.5 stamped: 585 14K



13.5 x 8.5mm pear-cut smoky quartz set in "antique finish" filigree top yellow gold ring, size 6, 6.4grams stamped:14K U.J.



irradiated blue topaz and diamond ring containing one "London Blue" topaz (eye clean, dark slgB) measuring 20.10x15.26x9.78mm=24.5ct set with 4 pairs of prongs framed by 58 single-cut round diamond melee ranging from 1.0 to 1.1mm diameter 58=.35ct total weight I1 H fair proportions over a deep filigree gallery and shoulders that taper from 4.5mm to 1.95mm, size 9 weighing 11.88grams stamped:925 THAILAND



14K white gold oval garnet and diamond ring containing approximately 8x6x3mm garnet=.97ct and 12round brilliant-cut=.09ct total weight diamonds De'classe' H-I average proportions set around garnet size 6.5 weighing 3.06grams stamped: 14K 585 SIZING EXTRA



3.8mm round ruby 1/2 bezel set two-tone ring stamped: 18K, size 5-3/4



white gold filigree ring w/4.00x4.00x2.40mm=.28ct dk gB sapphire set in square illusion setting size 6.75 weighing 2.28grams stamped: VIRGIN DIAMOND 18KT 7104



oval black onyx bezel set in roped edge frame yellow gold ring by Wefferling Berry size 6, stamped:14K W 5.8 grams


6eo3328 SOLD

14K ring with 2.58ct oval mixed-cut blue topaz and 8round brilliant-cut diamonds - SOLD

Sold 2/18


ladies 14k yellow gold ring containing one oval cabochon-cut dkpR garnet measuring approximately 8.00x6.00x3.36mm =1.52ct, set horizontal in central semi-bezel and accented w/2 single-cut and 2 round brilliant-cut diamond melee 4=.06ct total weight SI1-SI2 H average proportions in rhodium plated semi-bezel and framed with yellow gold granulation domed undercarriage has cathedral supports size 5.5 weighing 2.78grams stamped: 14K



checkerboard-cut blue topaz approximately 14.00 x 14.25 x 8.00mm bezel set with 32 single-cut=.16ct total weight diamond I2-I3 G-H poor proportions melee prong set sterling silver border with pierced undercarriage with flower petal design riveted and glued to onyx shank, size 8, stamped: 925 CID CHINA, 8.3grams, CANNOT SIZE



6x4x2.6mm=.50ct tanzanite set horizontally in white gold ring w/ribbed shoulders size 5 Stuller style# 76606 weighing 3.24grams stamped:14K S



sterling silver and heat-treated tanzanite ring consisting of oval mixed-cut lt to med vB tanzanite measuring 9.00x6.94x3.73mm=1.46ct (thick girdle, eye visible pleo, abraded keel line) 4-prong set and framed by a twisted rope motif w/braided rope design on shoulders size 8 weighing 5.19grams stamped: EA 925 CHINA



5.65ct oval mixed-cut smoky quartz measuring 10.03x14.14x6.64mm 4-prong set in open work shoulders and under-bridge white gold ring size 6.5 weighing 4.3grams stamped: S 14K



9 x 7 oval cabochon opal 4-prong set surrounded by 12 round mixed-cut lavender tanzanites (2.5mm each) prong set in split shoulders yellow gold ring, size 7, stamped: 79TZ 14K N



6eo3120 SOLD

10K ring with 3 marquise-cut blue sapphires and a row of single-cut and round brilliant-cut diamond melee. - SOLD

Sold 3/18


7 round opals prong set in open blackened cluster top yellow gold ring size 6.5 weighing 3.7grams stamped: area worn 14K



10K ring with oval synthetic opal cabochon-cut, 30 single-cut diamonds and 3 single-cut diamonds set in each shoulder in a stylized twist motif.



yellow gold amethyst and diamond ring containing 1 oval mixed-cut light purple amethyst measuring 7.92x6.18x3.77mm=.86ct 4-prong set in ring mounting with twisted rope and open shoulder motif accented by 2 round brilliant-cut =.05ct total weight diamonds I1 G-H average proportions size 6 weighing 2.189grams stamped:10K PS



white gold ring set w/4x6mm oval blue synthetic star sapphire and 2 single-cut=.02ct total weight diamonds size 4.75 stamped: 10K HM



white gold carved, engraved and filigree ring containing one light amethyst measuring 9.00x7.00x3.62mm tablet top and faceted back approximately 1.39ct emerald-cut outline w/2 single-cut diamonds each 2.0mm diameter, 2=.06ct SI1& I2 G good proportions size 6.5 weighing 1.97grams stamped: 14K



yellow gold claddagh ring set w/7mm heart-cut irradiated blue topaz size 7.25 weighing 3.7grams stamped: AE 14K



7 oval mixed-cut tanzanites measuring 3.90x2.85mm 4-prong set in white gold ring size 6 2.1grams stamped: CID 10K


6eo3408 SOLD

10K yellow gold ring containing square cabochon opal - SOLD

Sold 3/18


center square-set CZ prong set w/10 baguette-cut CZs channel set in shoulders and 44 CZs prong set in mounting on outside of prongs and sides of shoulders yellow gold ring size 6.25 weighing 3.9grams stamped: SW 14K DO O2 CHINA



yellow gold ring set w/center CZ and cz's set around and on sides of mounting ring size 7 weighing 3.7grams stamped: CHINA SW 14K CZ



round mixed-cut CZ (cubic zirconia) abraded, set in 6-prong white gold head on yellow gold solitaire engagement ring size 8.25 weighing 7.87grams stamped: 14K



oval opal set in 13K yellow gold (tested) 4-prong set in "bypass style" ring size 5.25 weighing 1.40grams



34 calibre'-cut synthetic rubies=2.00ct total weight approximately 1.75-1.80mm each=.06ct each, channel set in eternity 18K white gold band 2.39-2.45mm wide, size 6.5, CANNOT SIZE "AS IS"



5-vertical row multi stone sterling silver ring: 3 citrines, 4 iolites, 5 peridots, 4 lt. amethysts and 3 garnets all oval 3x5mm each 4-prong set weighing 6.2grams size 6.5 stamped: 925



treated turquoise and red coral and silver ring, size 10.25



freeform "spider web" treated turquoise and sterling silver ring size 6.5 (matches #4 cuff bracelet) stamped: STERLING W



3 round CZ's "channel set" sterling silver size 5 stamped: PD 625 SIZING EXTRA



elongated turquoise (hair-line crack) set in silver ring, size 7 stamped: JT AS IS



Most rings can be sized up or down for an additional charge.





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