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6eo4392 SOLD

pair 2 round brilliant-cut=.65ct total weight diamonds VS2-SI1 H-I good proportions 4-prong pierced earring on posts w/friction backs 14K white gold - SOLD


Sold 12/20

6eo4051 SOLD

Pair of 14K yellow gold channel-set pierced Earrings with two round brilliant-cut Diamonds = .53 carat total weight - SOLD


Sold 10/20


pair John Hardy curved chain diamond swirl containing 90round brilliant-cut=.67ct total weight diamonds SI2 H-I good proportions prong set in J-hoops pierced earrings sterling silver and 18K yellow gold posts and new 14K yellow gold backs, stamped on earring: 925 18K weighing 14.55grams for pair


6eo3953 SOLD

pair 14K yellow gold and diamond stud pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs 2round brilliant-cut=.32ct total weight diamonds measuring 3.42-3.45x2.15 and 3.44-3.45x2.20mm I1 G very good proportions - SOLD

Sold 10/20

6eo4073 SOLD

pair of 14K yellow gold stud pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs containing 2 round brilliant-cut diamonds = .56ctw - SOLD


Sold 6/20


pair of 14K yellow gold Etruscan revival style pierced earrings with antique finish, each containing one 6mm round mixed-cut amethyst and 24 "seed" cultured pearls



14K pair yellow gold and princess-cut earrings each containing 4 diamonds - 8=.50ctw



2 oval mixed-cut amethysts measuring 10.65x12.12x6.12=4.62ct and 10.73x12.01x5.91=4.46ct 4-prong set in lever back pierced earrings 5 grams 22K weighing 4.9grams/pair



pair 14K yellow gold and opal pierced dangle earrings on posts w/friction backs *HOLE weighing 7.18grams/pair containing 8.22x6.05x1.85mm and 8.33x6.27x1.56mm oval opals and 5 pear-cut measuring 5.00x3.25x1.30mm to 5.25x3.25x1.32mm 8=1.00ct total weight opals stamped: 14K


6eo4035 SOLD

pair 14K yellow gold hinged hoop pierced earrings w/24round brilliant-cut=.50ctw diamonds (set on front of hoop and inside back of hoop) - SOLD


Sold 11/19

6eo4315 SOLD

Pair of 14K white gold pierced Earrings, each containing a center round brilliant-cut Diamond and 8 additional round brilliant-cut Diamonds underneath the center. 18 Diamonds = 1.0 carat total weight. - SOLD


Sold 10/20


pair Judith Ripka 18K yellow gold Prasiolite (lt green treated quartz) measuring 12x12x8mm square cushion laser-cut each 6.56ct 2=13.12ct total weight quartz and diamond earrings w/lever backs. Each earring w/5=.05ct round brilliant-cut diamonds, 10=.10ct total weight diamonds I1 H-I good proportions weighing 10.4grams/pair stamped: JR 18K



pair 14K yellow gold with oval-cut aquamarines=1.16ct total weight measuring 5.70x4.73x3.25mm and 5.37x4.92x3.50mm weighing 1.17grams/pair stamped: 14K



pair 2round brilliant-cut=.22ct total weight diamonds VVS1 G very good proportions measuring 3.03-3.06x2.20mm & 3.07-3.08x2.20mm set in 4-prong pierced earrings w/screw backs 14K yellow gold weighing .66grams/pair


6eo2877 SOLD

14K pair yellow gold earrings with screw backs each with one oval jadeite cabochon and a round brilliant-cut diamond - SOLD


Sold 5/20


pair yellow gold and 3 round mixed-cut rubies jackets 6=0.42ct total weight measuring 2.25mm diameter weighing 1.18grams/pair stamped: 14K and Church trademark



pair double tube hoop (high polished and other matte finish) pierced earrings w/snap downs yellow gold weighing 4.2grams stamped: AU 14K



pair of 14K yellow gold dangle pierced earrings with 2=.53ctw oval mixed-cut blue sapphires, heat treated R & L on posts w/friction backs. Sapphires measuring 4.73x3.64x2.18 and 4.60x3.62x2.30mm and weighing 2.15gram/pair stamped: 585



sterling dotted J-hoop pierced earrings w/omega backs weighing 9.78 grams/pair, John Hardy, stamped: 925


6eo4293 SOLD

14K yellow gold pair of 3.7mm round mixed-cut treated rubies and 2 round brilliant-cut diamonds=.04ctw - SOLD


Sold 8/20

6eo3527 SOLD

12 round brilliant-cut diamonds=.20ctw, 6 set in each 14K YG wire hoop pierced earrings w/snap downs - SOLD


Sold 9/20

6eo3850 SOLD

pair 14K yellow gold and diamond stud pierced earrings containing 2 round brilliant-cut=.53ctw diamonds - SOLD


Sold 12/19

6eo4074 SOLD

pair 14K white gold drop pierced earrings on posts containing 2 oval mixed-cut heat-treated blue sapphires =.38ctw and 4round single-cut diamonds - SOLD


Sold 5/20


Pair 14KY drop style pierced earrings 5 X 7 mm oval opals w/3mm rd opals 2.5 grams



pair 9K yellow gold treated turquoise black rhodium plating and diamond pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs consisting of oval cabochon turquoise and 8=.08ct total weight diamonds I3 lit Brown naturals fair proportions weighing 3.6grams stamped: 375/9K



pair drop pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs containing 4- 7x5mm tear-drop shaped peridots, 2 in each earring drop from yellow gold ball stamped: 10K (new back) weighing 2.1grams for pair


6eo4117 SOLD

Pair of 10K tri-color dangle pierced Earrings each consisting of 3 open circles containing 22 single-cut Diamonds. 44 = .20 carat total weight. - SOLD


Sold 8/20


pair 12mm round cabochon lapis set in yellow gold bezel w/twisted frame pierced earrings on posts w/NEW friction backs stamped: 14K CARLA



pair 14K yellow gold and mixed-cut round peridot stud pierced earrings, 2=.51ct total weight peridots, measuring 4.43-4.53x2.00=.24ct and 4.46-4.58x2.25=.27ct stamped: 14K


6eo4043 SOLD

Pair of 14K yellow gold pierced Earrings with two pear-shape Opal cabochons = .25ctw and 6 round brilliant-cut Diamonds - SOLD


Sold 10/20


pair Leslie's 14K white gold ribbed tube hoop pierced earrings w/snap downs weighing 2.6grams stamped: 14K


6eo4158 SOLD

pair 10K white gold aquamarine and diamond pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs, containing 7.50x5.00x3.05mm and 7.50x5.00x2.62mm, 2 =1.04ctw aquamarines and six 1.4mmm =.08ctw single-cut diamonds I2 H fair proportions - SOLD


Sold 12/20


pair ribbed oval hoops w/snap downs yellow gold weighing 2.1grams stamped: ITALY 14K MILUR



sterling J-hoop pierced earrings w/flattened dot pattern "KALI" on posts w/new friction backs JOHN HARDY weighing 9.79 grams/pair stamped: 925



pair sterling silver hoop pierced earrings ribbed textured design by David Yurman w/yellow gold posts stamped: 585 DY w/sterling silver friction back stamped: 925 DY weighing 11.7grams/pair



pair sterling silver dangle non-pierced earrings w/clips weighing 26grams/pair stamped: 925 on back of upper circle


6eo3442 SOLD

pair 5mm square-cut citrines set in 14K yellow gold 4-prong pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs - SOLD


Sold 11/19

6eo4118 SOLD

pair 14K yellow gold and diamond open heart pierced earrings on posts. Each earring contains 11 single-cut diamonds, 22sc=.22ctw. New 14K yellow gold backs - SOLD


Sold 5/20


pair 14K yellow gold "flower" black background shadow box style w/2 round brilliant-cut=.08ct total weight diamonds (promotional quality) pierced earrings on posts w/threaded backs weighing 1.3grams


6eo4260 SOLD

pair of yellow gold enamel lady bug pierced earrings on lever backs weighing 2.1grams stamped: 14KT ITALY - SOLD


Sold 10/20


Oval with inlaid sugilite, red coral, lapis, turquoise silver earrings with clip backs stamped: Sterling JM.



pair circular pierced earrings consisting of (pixilated) 4-color reproduction of cherry blossoms covered in clear resin that has been polished to domed shape bezel-set in sterling silver 14.8grams stamped: 925 with posts and plastic disc backs



pair silver treated turquoise clip earrings consisting of 1 10x8mm free-form treated turquoise cabochon set in scalloped-edge bezel w/oval back-sheet and round-wire frame w/filed accent marks and black antiquing unmarked 26x20mm overall weighing 13.68grams/pair



pair oval with red coral earrings with clip backs stamped: Sterling RT


6eo3569 SOLD

pair clip earrings silver and treated turquoise squash blossom and dangles each w/24 tear-drop turquoise and 3 dangle drops - SOLD


Sold 5/20


pair two-tone silver and rose-gold door knocker style pierced earrings stamped: STERLING 10K MEXICO on back of hoop/dangle and stamped: SILVER MEXICO. Earrings have stamped and applied decorations 33x22 mm overall 4.83grams/pair


6eo4092 SOLD

Pair of sterling silver pierced earrings with pear-cut Amethysts framed by colorless Topaz. - SOLD


Sold 5/20


pair sterling silver hinged hoop w/4mm round garnets pierced earrings weighing 4.0grams stamped: 925LLK



pair silver oval clip earrings w/pierced and oxidized bear paw print motif, left/right weighing 8.66grams unmarked


6eo3575 SOLD

pair sterling pierced earrings with stabilized turquoise oval cabochons - SOLD


Sold 12/19

6eo3894 SOLD

pair sterling silver and malachite pierced earrings on posts w/feather and bear dangle charms - SOLD


Sold 12/19

6eo4082 SOLD

pair of sterling silver pierced earrings each with a sterling bow and an oval dyed black onyx cabochon dangle, on posts - SOLD


Sold 10/20


pair overlapping petals with central stamped vein on each petal oxidized sterling silver clip earrings 5.55grams/pair stamped:925S



pair sterling silver and abalone shell Aztec Warrior design 22mm round screw back earrings stamped: MEXICO STERLING


6eo4242 SOLD

pair 14K yellow gold teddy bear pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs weighing .4grams stamped: 14K - SOLD


Sold 10/20



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