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pair tanzanite 2round 8mmx4.5mm=3.52ct total weight 4-prong set and 36round brilliant-cut SI1-Si2 G-H good proportions diamonds prong set, 18 in each white gold pierced earring stamped:750 D0 .215 on posts w/friction backs stamped:750



pair yellow gold and diamond stud pierced earrings with threaded backs 2round brilliant-cut=1.49ct total weight diamonds I3 Silvery H-like very good proportions measuring 5.59-5.61x3.80mm=.74ct and 5.50-5.52x4.00=.75ct 4-prong set weighing 1.28grams/pair


6eo2529 SOLD

14K hinged hoop pierced earrings with 50 round brilliant-cut diamonds. - SOLD


Sold 2/17


pair 18K yellow gold hinged hoop pierced earring with 18 princess-cut "E" blue sapphires = 1.58ct total weight and 6 round brilliant-cut diamonds = .20ct total weight diamonds VS G very good proportions (each channel set: 2 Saph, 1 dia, 2 saph,1 dia, 2 saph 1 dia 3 saph) 7.2 grams stamped: K18 EI



pair John Hardy curved chain diamond swirl containing 90round brilliant-cut=.67ct total weight diamonds SI2 H-I good proportions prong set in J-hoops pierced earrings sterling silver and 18K yellow gold posts and new 14K yellow gold backs, stamped on earring: 925 18K weighing 14.55grams for pair


6eo3319 SOLD

14K white gold pair of Earrings w/light greenish silver Tahitian pearls and 80 light brown "champagne diamonds" - SOLD


Sold 10/17

6eo3032 SOLD

10K pair of pierced earrings with oval mixed-cut tanzanites. - SOLD


Sold 8/16

6eo3390 SOLD

14K pair channel-set J-hoop pierced earrings each containing 8 round brilliant-cut diamonds; 16=.87ctw diamonds. - SOLD.


Sold 11/17


pair 18K white gold and light grey south seas cultured pearls and diamond pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs each containing 10.99-11.30mm pearl and 8round brilliant-cut; 16round brilliant-cut=.32ct total weight diamonds I1 G good proportions, pair earrings weighing 9.26grams stamped:750



pair 14K yellow gold Imperial Gold woven hoop pierced earrings w/omega backs stamped: IG weighing 7.15grams



pair yellow gold earrings with screw backs stamped:14KT each with one oval jadeite cabochon (one measuring 9.20 x 7.33 x 3.00=1.68ct and one measuring 9.16 x 7.34 x 2.30=1.29ct) 4-prong set with round brilliant-cut diamond each .06ct VVS2 G-H good proportions & 1 "chipped" "AS IS" transitional-cut I1 G-H fair proportions. 3.15 grams/pair



pair greenish-grey cultured pearls each w/6round brilliant-cut diamonds bezel set from drop yellow gold pierced earrings on posts w/friction back stamped: 585 H


6eo3171 SOLD

14K pair pierced earrings w/a pearl set in center of each and 8 round brilliant-cut melees set in textured leaf forms and in-between the leaves, total 16=.22ctw. - SOLD


Sold 12/17


pair white gold and diamond hinged hoop pierced earrings 19mm diameter each set w/17 single-cut diamonds VS2-I2 G good proportions 34sc=.34ct total weight stamped: 10K ZEI 3.21grams/pair


6eo3110 SOLD

14K heart-shaped pierced earrings with 8 round brilliant-cut diamonds in each. - SOLD


Sold 10/16


pair 11.13mm golden south sea cultured pearl pierced earrings 18K yellow gold on posts w/backs weighing 5.02grams stamped: 750



pair 18K white gold blue sapphire and diamond cluster pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs containing 2=1.64ct oval mixed-cut blue sapphires and 50 baguette-cut=.50ct total weight diamonds De'classe' H-I average proportions weighing 3.34grams/pair stamped: 750



pair 10.2-10.3mm near round greenish grey cultured pearls drop w/6round brilliant-cut=.15ct total weight diamonds I2-I3 G average proportions set at 3-corners of white gold mounting pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs stamped: 18K


6eo3329 SOLD

14K pair yellow gold diamond J-hoop pierced earrings containing 18round brilliant-cut=.50ct total weight diamonds. - SOLD

Sold 6/17

6eo3407 SOLD

14K pair drop double sweep pierced earrings each with 5 round brilliant-cut diamonds, 10=.18ctw diamonds - SOLD

Sold 2/18


pair 14K white gold diamond bar & 12.25x11mm grey Tahitian cultured pearl dangle pierced earrings w/16single-cut=.11ct total weight diamonds De'classe' G-H average proportions set in bars and 2round brilliant-cut=.01ct bezel set I1 J average proportions stamped: 14K 585



pair 6.67mm-6.7mm near round brown cultured pearls and 24single-cut diamonds=.12ct total weight I2-I3 G average proportions weighing 3.30grams for pair yellow gold pierced earrings on posts wfriction backs stamped: 585


6eo3297 SOLD

14K pair of pierced earrings with grey cultured pearl in each and 10 round=.08ctw diamonds in moon shapes. - SOLD


Sold 11/17


pair very dark grey-green cultured pearls measuring 11.4-11.5mm pierced earrings 18K white gold on posts w/friction backs weighing 5.26grams stamped: 750



Pair dark green 6.6mm cultured pearl w/24single-cut=.12ct total weight diamonds I1 I-J good proportions prong set in 4-part frame around pearl on posts w/friction backs yellow gold stamped:G 14K ES 006


6eo3095 SOLD

14K pair earrings with cushion-cut peridot on short shepherd hooks. - SOLD


Sold 8/16


pair mabe' pearl with rope edge frame yellow gold pierced earrings with omega backs stamped: 14K and trademark looks like D and crown


6eo3237 SOLD

14K pair of pierced earrings with round mixed-cut ENHANCED vivid orange sapphires and 2 brilliant-cut diamonds. - SOLD


Sold 10/17

6eo3296 SOLD

14K pair yellow gold pierced earrings w/cultured drop pearl topped with puffy heart and round brilliant-cut diamonds. - SOLD


Sold 10/17


pair grey south sea cultured pearls and champagne diamond butterfly pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs white gold stamped: 14K


6eo3122 SOLD

14K pair of pierced earrings each with a pear-shape mixed-cut blue sapphire and 4 round brilliant-cut diamonds. - SOLD


Sold 8/16


pair 14K yellow gold lavender cultured pearls and diamonds pierced earrings each containg 9mm near round lavender cultured pearl and 4single-cut brilliant-cut diamonds 8sc=.04ct total weight I2 G average proportions weighing 4.1grams for pair stamped 585



pair greenish grey Tahitian cultured pearl pierced earrings measuring 11.-11.5mm 18K white gold pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs weighing 5.03grams/pair stamped: 750



pair 9.30-9.45mm golden South Sea cultured pearls18K white gold pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs weighing 4.50grams/pair stamped: 750


6eo3035 SOLD

14K pair of pierced earrings each with an opals and 4 diamonds. - SOLD


Sold 9/16

6eo2682 SOLD

14K yellow gold frame pierced earrings each with a "Mabe" cultured pearl. - SOLD


Sold 10/16


pair white gold earrings each with  2 cultured pearls 7.14 - 7.31mm set on white gold screw backs that are stamped: 14K 3.31grams/pair


6eo2578 SOLD

14K earrings each with jadeite "doughnut" drop from round jadeite. - SOLD


Sold 10/16

6eo3165 SOLD

14K pair yellow gold stud pierced earrings each with an oval mixed-cut peridot set with a diamond. - SOLD


Sold 8/17


2=3.50ct approximate 7mm square-cut irradiated London blue topaz white gold pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs stamped: 14K



pair 12.7x11.2mm white button cultured pearls w/2round brilliant-cut =.03ct total weight brown diamonds SI2 good proportions white gold pierced earrings on posts w/lomega backs weighing 8.04grams/pair stamped:14K 585 14w



pair silver grey cultured pearls measuring 11.2-11.3mm white gold pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs weighing 4.88grams/pair stamped: 585



pair large white button-like cultured pearls measuring 12.25x11mm 18K white gold pierced earrings weighing 6.96grams/pair stamped: 750



pair peachy button freshwater cultured pearls and 8 single-cut=.06ct total weight diamond pierced earrings De'classe" H average proportions weighing 5.76grams/pair stamped: G18K ES 003


6eo3389 SOLD

14K pair oval hollow hoop pierced earrings with snap downs, each contain 7single-cut, 14single-cut diamonds - SOLD


Sold 12/17

6eo3429 SOLD

pair of 14K yellow gold tear-drop shaped tanzanite pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs - SOLD


Sold 2/18


pair light grey flameball freshwater cultured pearls measuring 12.06 & 12.29mm drop white gold pierced earrings each set w/round brilliant-cut diamond 2=.20ct total weight I3 I average proportions bezel set stamped: 14K 58



pair white gold 8.3 - 8.5mm cream cultured pearl with rose' overtone and diamond pierced earrings w/omega backs, butterfly motif. Each earring w/12 baguette & 2 round brilliant-cut diamonds totaling; 24=.13ct total weight bags and 4round brilliant-cut=.09ct total weight SI2-I3 H-I average proportions stamped: 14K ES



pair pierced earrings two-tone 18K lt grey and bluish grey Tahitian cultured pearls 10.25 &10.21mm left and right design w/hinged backs w/10round brilliant-cut diamonds=.06ct total weight I1 J average proportions stamped: 750



pair 5mm square-cut citrines set in 14k yellow gold 4-prong pierced earrings on posts w/friction backs stamped: 14K S


6eo3094 SOLD

14K pierced earrings each with an oval mixed-cut citrine. - SOLD


Sold 12/16

6eo2952 SOLD

14K pierced earrings each with a round brilliant-cut diamond. - SOLD


Sold 6/16

6eo3116 SOLD

10K pair of cross pierced earrings each with 6 round brilliant-cut diamonds. - SOLD


Sold 6/16

6eo3276 SOLD

pair 14K yellow gold and diamond stud pierced earrings. - SOLD


Sold 7/17

6eo2094 SOLD

pair domed flower design with pink mother of pearl inlaid with other gemstones clip back earrings. - SOLD


Sold 10/17


Oval with inlaid sugilite, red coral, lapis, turquoise silver earrings with clip backs stamped: Sterling JM.



pair circular pierced earrings consisting of (pixilated) 4-color reproduction of cherry blossoms covered in clear resin that has been polished to domed shape bezel-set in sterling silver 14.8grams stamped: 925 with posts and plastic disc backs


6eo2060 SOLD

Pair of silver Woodpecker earrings inlaid with mother of pearl, coral, turquoise and onyx. - SOLD


Sold 10/16


pair Black Hills Gold drop pierced earrings (4 leaves 1 bunch grapes) on posts 10K w/friction backs 14K



pair oval with red coral earrings with clip backs stamped: Sterling RT



pair 14single-cut=.20tw total weight diamonds de'classe' channel set (7 set in each) in hoops pierced w/snap downs weighing 1.9grams stamped: 10K J



pair overlapping petals with central stamped vein on each petal oxidized sterling silver clip earrings 5.55grams/pair stamped:925S



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